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1 a roll of ribbon
2 a roll of coins wrapped in paper [also: rouleaux (pl)]

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Rouleau (French for "roll" or "roller"; plural rouleaux) can refer to:




rouleau in French: Rouleau

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

bale, barrel, bindle, bole, bolt, bouquet, budget, bundle, cask, coin, column, crown, cylinder, cylindroid, deck, double eagle, doubloon, drum, ducat, eagle, fagot, fardel, fasces, fascine, five-dollar gold piece, gold piece, guinea, half crown, half eagle, hard money, moidore, napoleon, nosegay, pack, package, packet, parcel, piece, piece of money, piece of silver, pillar, pipe, posy, pound sovereign, quiver, roll, roll of coins, roller, sheaf, sovereign, specie, ten-dollar gold piece, trunk, truss, tube, twenty-dollar gold piece
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